Limitless – Binura Yasas Foundation

The Binura Yasas Foundation’s Limitless program is designed to empower students from low-income backgrounds to achieve their full potential by providing them with access to high-quality education and resources. The program aims to remove the barriers that prevent students from reaching their goals, such as financial constraints, lack of support, and limited access to educational opportunities.

Through the Limitless program, students receive mentorship, tutoring, and academic support to help them succeed academically. They also have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities, such as field trips, workshops, and community service projects, which broaden their horizons and develop their skills and confidence.

The Limitless program is committed to promoting equity and inclusion in education by providing equal opportunities to all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. With the help of the Binura Yasas Foundation, students can unlock their full potential and pursue their dreams without limitations.