About Me

Binura Yasas

Bsc. ( Hons) IT – UOM (UG), Dip in Marketing – UOK (UG) , PCM – SLIM, ICDL, Dip in Strategic Brand Management, Meta Certified Social Media Professional, Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Serial Entrepreneur, Managing Director – Brand Igniters Pvt Ltd, Visiting Lecturer (SLIPE)

I’m Binura Yasas an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Strategist, who shares knowledge and expertise with others to materialize their dreams.

I’m a smart worker who holds the island rank number four position in the GCE Advanced Level examination 2017. My career pathway is adorned by Google and META. I maintain professionalism at its best and deliver quality consultation advice in a timely manner to level up your life. If you think that digital marketing is about running ads and facilitating facebook campaigns, then trust me you have much to learn. I have committed six years of my life to learning the big secrets of digital marketing. I’m the managing director of Brand Igniters Private Ltd, and I have expertise in leading global and local teams on well-known digital marketing initiatives. All my consultative strategies are fueled by extensive experiences in digital marketing, graphic design, and human capital management. I have competitive ideas to capture the attention of the desired audience.

Digital Marketing is my passion and hence I am always eager to learn new digital marketing methods. That commitment and the willingness to learn are the big secrets to my success. I love to refer to myself as a “Forever Student.” My professional life is littered with accolades and certifications from well-known organizations such as Google and META. I personally feel that the constant learning method is the key to expanding my empire.

I make logic-based decisions validated by accurate stats. All my decisions are based on data findings validated by industry professionals. SLEGA is one of my most successful ventures. My vision has enabled SLEGA to rise from the ashes and become a wealthy firm in the industry. I believe that mindfulness, continual learning, and workplace calm are essential for success. I currently work as the managing director of Brand Igniters Private Ltd. I’m ready to share my wisdom with you. Reach me out via “Contact Me to connect!


My Experience

Years of Experience

Awards & Certificates


Why Choose Me?

● 6+ Years of Working Experience 
● Over 140 Happy Corporate Client Base
● 14+ Awards and Certificates in Digital/ Social Marketing
● Accurate Responses to Industry Dynamics
● Google and META Recognition
● Professional Qualifications in Marketing.                          

Passed META Associate level exam covering advertising concepts on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

Passed META Professional exam covering online presence, create posts, build a following, and manage social media accounts.

Passed Fundamentals Digital Marketing Course created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples

What People Say

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